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Since our founding in 1896 by social reformers Ballington and Maud Booth, innovation has always been at the core of who we are, as our founders pledged to "go wherever we are needed, and do whatever comes to hand."  Innovation for Impact i​s a nationwide pilot program from Volunteers of America, designed to create a roadmap for identifying challenges and opportunities and tackling solutions. As part of the Innova​tion for Impact pilot, 30 Volunteers of America family members from across the nation with diverse experiences are collaborating to uncover novel ideas and put those ideas into action.  Teams are working closely together over the co​ming months to develop actionable plans and research for a number of potential internal and externally facing innovations.  Solving problems in this way will use proven innovation and business development tools combined with a strong focus on the needs, hopes and desires of the people we serve.  Together, we will discover new, effective ways of innovating on behalf of Volunteers of America and the communities we serve.  We invite you to follow along and actively engage with us along this journey….  Click here to find out how.​



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Innovation lessons go beyond individual projects​

Benefits gained from thinking "outside the box" are as vast as the cross-country organization itself.

"We need to be innovative to bring us into the future. And it's great that the decision-makers at VOA are committed to it. It's definitely creating a more cohesive organization," says Patti Louie, Chief Financial Officer for Volunteers of America of Los Angeles.

But as it turns out, the scope of the project ends up offering unanticipated value that is very much employee-related.

Louie is a mentor for two of the five teams in the groundbreaking VOA Innovation Pilot called VOA Innovation for Impact, which spans areas such as medical outreach, community nutrition and even improved communications within the organization.

Because each VOA affiliate is different in size, scope and culture, the project acts as a magnet, bringing together a variety of skills and perspectives from across the country.

"It's a positive statement about the potential for innovation. The program solicited volunteers, and they were asked to submit ideas for innovation. Over 65 of the 100 volunteers submitted an innovation idea! That's what innovation looks like," she says. 

"The great thing is that while there was a plethora of ideas for new services, process innovations — which are sometimes neglected when staff are so passionate about providing services -- were also suggested. That's how we ended up with the Affiliates2Family initiative," Louie says. 

As team mentor, Louie says she has a front-row seat to the continued energy and enthusiasm of each of the five teams because they check-in with regular phone calls.

"Having the five separate visions really makes the innovation interesting. Locally, we do things a certain way because we know our team members. But having different voices and ideas working together really keeps everyone on their toes," she says, noting that each team is now in a different stage — taking advantage of their diverse capabilities and high level of creative energy.

Louie mentors two teams: MEDROVER, which offers health care to rural patients thanks to a mobile medical office, and All Together Now, which is creating a toolkit for affordable housing providers.

There are three other Innovation for Impact projects: VOA OurGarden​​ brings gardens into different VOA nutrition programs, Nourish For a Cause pairs up social enterprise opportunities with clients looking for job training and employment through food services and VOA Connect is a communications hub for VOA employees.

"From my perspective, one of the very big positives is the affiliate-to-affiliate connection this project has brought, uniting staff in ways that they haven't been before. We're sharing best practices, and working together," Louie says. "It really ends up uniting our organization."​​​​

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MEDROVER responds with technology and portability

"It's all about collaboration now, challenging how we used to do things, and breaking the rules. My team and I are always re-inventing."

Creating strong links through innovation

​Bringing the VOA community together with technology

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Happy Women's Entrepreneurship Day- November 19th

​November 19th is Women's Entrepreneurship Day ​a day to celebrate and support women entrepreneurs around the world.  Innovation and entrepreneurship rooted in the needs of women, their families and communities has the power to create real impact.

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