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About Innovation for Impact

volunteer-icon.pngOur impact is made stronger by your participation. We welcome you to share in our journey and support the entire organization in this important mission of innovation. Through your support, you can:

  • Stay abreast of Innovation For Impact and view content as it evolves

  • Follow a specific pilot program and volunteer your support as appropriate

  • Contribute and share content that may help the larger innovation group or individual pilot programs​

  • Find resources and articles related to innovation and the social service sector



How to Participate in the Site


To gain access to the site and begin using it, please follow the steps as outlined below:​

1. First, you will need to to request access to the secured portions of the site.
2. Next, sign in.

Note:  If you have a connected VOA email address*, you should use your standard VOA username and password by clicking on the link in the lower left corner of the sign-in area.  Use the format "voa\username" for entering your username.

3. Once you are signed in, learn more about the pilot programs and the VOA team members that are driving them forward.


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*Email addresses ending in '', '', '', '', or ''